The Blues to Joey’s Rescue

Listen to the song here: Barstool Eyes (Joey’s song) performed by David Schembri

“Barstool eyes,” Joey Blue whispered in a shaky tune, his voice husky, rusty. He let the words fall.
“In a dark-lit bar,
the juked up wails
of a juke box cries,
to drown the despair
that seeps from his soul.”

‘Barstool Eyes’ is the first song Joey Blue has heard for longer than he can remember. Until now, there had only been the lilting lullaby of the scotch, forever singing to him and muting all else. Joey uses his new song to guide him on his insane mission out to Jacob Street. He uses it to keep the demons away, and to help him find his humanity again.

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HWA Roundtable 13: For The Love of Comics
Special Guests: Charles Day, Taylor Grant, Greg Chapman, and TBA.
When: October 19 at 7:30pm EST
Where: HWA Website

Join our guests as they discuss whether comics are more popular now than ever before. They’ll explore the industry, the names to watch out for and the publishers fighting the good fight. And how a writer might go about having their story turned into a comic or graphic novel.

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