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So a writer pal of mine, the very cool AJ Spedding (have you read her stories? No? Well hell, man, you should!), tagged me in this Writing Process Blog Chain. Thanks ever so much, Mrs Spedding (look out, AJ! A Clown’s behind you! Oh, he’s just ducked down out of sight)…

Anyway, the way this works is, I’ll answer the following four questions and put them up on my blog on a Monday, then I’ll tag three other writers into the process for them to upload their answers to their blogs the following Monday, where they will then, in turn, tag another three authors each, and so on, and so on, and so on. It’s a great way to see how others approach their writing.

So then, the questions – and answers:

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HWA Roundtable 16: Horror History 101
Special Guests: Yvette Tan, Douglas E. Winter, and James Doig.
When: 23 February 2014
Where: HWA Website

Who are the founding fathers of the horror genre, and what is it about their work that allows it to stand the test of time? Let’s look at some of the iconic figures in the horror fiction genre, books and short stories that are required reading for all those who love the genre. But let’s do that from a global perspective. We will go as far back in time as we can, and then fly forward to the present day, illuminating along the way crucial moments and writers in the genre. It’s a history lesson 101.

* * * * *


There’s Free Fiction to whet your appetite (and more due to be added). Plus an article on ghost hunting, written after an adventure at Muncaster Castle in the UK.

You could visit Parkton, where odd things happen more often than they should (pack a lunch, cos a day trip could turn into weeks)…

Or you can check out my plan of attack for world domination. As a mad scientist, ruling the world goes with the job description.

There’s a page dedicated to the Bram Stoker nominated and Australian Shadows award-winning Macabre, one on all the Latest Horror News, and another on Writer’s Resources.

There are more attractions on their way as the local government has just agreed to invest into improving the infrastructure to support the budding tourist attractions.. I even hear there is going to be a page on Palynology, so when the next person says ‘huh?’ when I explain what my day job entails, I can point them here…

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